Live today the unique experience of our firm.
A "Customized" Service. For us, each client is unique.
Our team accompanies clients through a true financial and tax planning process in 6 steps including 3 appointments.

Course of the meetings

First appointment

As a client, you are the starting point of the financial and tax planning process.

The first step is a free initial meeting to define your personal goals and to accompany you every step of the way. During this meeting, we proceed with our client data collection which includes a financial review during which we collect your financial data and analyze your financial situation. At your first meeting, you will obtain information about our services and mandates, what you can expect from our firm, how we are remunerated and our fees and expenses.


Financial Analysis

Following the acceptance of one of our fee-based mandates proposed at the first meeting, our experienced team will use your data to proceed with the overall analysis of your financial situation. This analysis will be carried out using our state-of-the-art financial planning software and other calculation tools. A written document, The Gamma Financial Plan, will serve as the basis for developing financial strategies and recommendations based on thoughtful scenarios and projections and taking into account your opinion and your personal risk tolerance level. An analysis of your cash flow, net worth, insurance policies and other financial data will allow for an informed discussion of your goals and objectives. This analysis will show whether they are realistic and whether they can be achieved under current circumstances.


Second appointment

Delivery of the Gamma financial plan, presentation of our financial strategies, recommendations and financial projections to the client according to its short, medium and long-term objectives.



The implementation (under client approval) of our suggestions to execute your Gamma financial plan through our brokerage service.


Third appointment

Handover of the personalized portfolio to the client during this meeting.


Periodic follow-ups

Financial and tax planning is an ongoing process. You and our team will jointly establish the frequency of your future review and progress assessment meetings. These periodic meetings will allow us to detect any changes in your situation or objectives that require changes to your Gamma financial plan.

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