We are committed to building a financial plan for each of our clients that includes the 6 niches of global financial planning.

In addition, we offer you insight and advice for your financial well-being with the promotion of wealth and knowledge leading you on the path to financial well-being.

Financial planning


Gamma Wealth Management offers a holistic financial and tax planning service to all Canadians, even to our clients with foreign assets in the United States or internationally.

Our internal team and external collaborators ensure that we can meet all your financial and tax planning needs from coast to coast.


We understand the specific and varied needs of our clients and know that it is often necessary to reach them wherever they are using videoconferencing platforms or other forms of communication.

We are here to help you wherever you are in the world.

  • Our offices
  • Your home
  • Your offices
  • Video conferencing
  • Other forms of communication

Whether we meet with you regularly in person or always do business virtually, we work tirelessly with you to get to know you and identify your needs. Together, we develop an effective, personalized financial strategy and plan to grow your wealth.

Our team always remains accessible to our clients through virtual tools so that they can be reached when they need to be reached on their preferred media.

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