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Gamma Gestion de patrimoine favours a responsible investment strategy that allows for a real impact on society.

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is an investment strategy that integrates environmental, climate change, social and governance (ESG) screens into the portfolio construction process. These filters can be negative or positive and exclude companies that provide certain products or services that have a negative impact on society (e.g. tobacco and gambling) or have poor ESG practices (e.g. pollution and employee safety).

The latter typically include companies that exhibit good ESG practices overall or in some respects (e.g., companies with a high ESG rating relative to their peer group) or whose products or services have a positive impact (e.g., renewable energy and water treatment).


Performance is reviewed regularly (quarterly) so that necessary adjustments can be implemented proactively. Each asset manager (Investment Firm) is selected or replaced after a thorough and rigorous review based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

  • Assessment of the current situation with regard to the investor's objectives and constraints
  • Analysis of the asset holding structure
  • Implementation of the investment strategy
  • Monitoring of managers and investments
  • Seeking innovative investment and risk management solutions
  • Preparation of global and detailed performance reports
  • Ongoing assessment of global markets
  • Quarterly Performance Review

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