Gamma Foundation

Gamma Foundation

Gamma Wealth Management is proud of our human values and our commitment to society as a firm.

As a financial and tax planning firm and proud advocates of our profession, we are proud to announce that by 2021, the Gamma Foundation will be a charitable organization with a mission:

  • Increase the financial literacy of Quebecers.
  • To provide financial and tax planning services to charities, community organizations, individuals and families who would not otherwise be able to afford financial and tax planning services.
  • To contribute to the educational success of young people by awarding scholarships, prizes in schools and organizations, and donations to partner organizations each year.

Gamma Wealth Management has committed to donate 1% of its pre-tax income to the Gamma Foundation.

Nominations may be submitted at any time to fill
positions on the Board of Directors.
They will be kept for a period of one year.